Shimmer Sensing

Wearable technology provider

Company Details

Year Founded: 2008
Ownership: Private
CEO: Paddy White
Dublin, Ireland

Key Takeaways

  • Founded in 2008, Shimmer is a leader in wireless wearable se...

Company History

Founded in 2008, Shimmer provides advanced development of...

Technology Summary

Shimmer is a provider of wireless and wearable sensor tec...

Product/Service Offerings

Shimmer focuses primarily on enterprise services and rese...

Strategy and Target Markets

Shimmer serves research and educational institutions, cli...

Competitive Positioning and Value Proposition

Shimmer differentiates itself by offering complete wearab...

Key Competitors

  • Direct Competitors: Jawbone, N...

Key Relationships

Shimmer has a variety of enterprise and research partners, including: Procter & Gamble, University of Ulster, Telefonica, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Sensum, Qualcomm, Nokia, National Center for Sensor Research, Emerge, BioSensics, and iMotions.

Notable News and Announcements

Company Profile Last Updated

August 24, 2015