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*Informa acquired the majority of the IHS Markit technology research portfolio in August 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Omdia | Tractica’s Artificial Intelligence advisory service examines
use cases and business models for the application of artificial
intelligence technologies in enterprise, consumer, and
government markets.


Omdia | Tractica’s Robotics advisory service analyzes global
market trends and applications for robotics and related
automation technologies within consumer, enterprise,
and industrial markets.

User Interface Technologies

Omdia | Tractica’s User Interface Technologies advisory service focuses
on emerging technologies that enable advanced interaction
with technology products and services across application
domains including mobile, home, health, automotive,
 enterprise, and industrial markets.

Advanced Computing

Omdia | Tractica’s Advanced Computing advisory service covers emerging
technology and hardware trends surrounding the next generation of
computing performance and capabilities including AI hardware, HPC,
quantum computing, new processor architectures, and leading-edge
software and systems paradigms.

Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Omdia | Tractica’s Connected & Autonomous Vehicles advisory service
analyzes global market dynamics surrounding the development of
more intelligent, connected, personalized service-centric vehicles
and transportation systems.


Latest Research Reports


Market Landscape: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Healthcare Robots Key Players, Recommendations, and Forecasts for Healthcare Technologies: Telerobots, Delivery, Diagnosis, and Disinfection
Delivery Robots and Drones Robots, Drones, and Autonomous Delivery Vehicles for Retail, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, and Postal

User Interface Technologies

Virtual Digital Assistants for Enterprise Applications Virtual Agents, Chatbots, and Virtual Assistants for Enterprise Markets Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Conversational User Interfaces
Smart Augmented Reality Glasses Head-Mounted Displays, Assisted Reality Glasses, Mixed Reality Holographic Displays, and Smart Helmets for Consumer, Enterprise, Industrial, Sports, Healthcare, and Public Safety Applications: Market Analysis and Forecasts

Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Cellular V2X 4G, 5G, C-V2X, and 802.11p Connected Vehicles: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts
Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Market Priorities Automotive Industry Participant Survey

Recent Blog Posts

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Research News

Global AI software market set to rise sixfold to reach nearly $100 billion in 2025 July 10, 2020 - The worldwide market for artificial intelligence software will expand to $98.8 billion by 2025, rising by a factor of six... More
The increased need for advanced robotic technologies will accelerate the global exoskeleton market, with revenues reaching $2.6 billion by 2025 June 15, 2020 - Exoskeleton technology is being utilized in multiple sectors to improve productivity and employee health and in response to an aging... More
Global AI edge chipset revenue to reach $51.9bn by 2025, driven by the increasing need for AI inference at the edge June 8, 2020 - The need for artificial intelligence (AI) on edge devices has been realized and the race to design edge-optimized chipsets has... More