Fulcrum Biometrics

Biometric solution provider and consulting company

Company Details

Year Founded: 2002
Ownership: Private
CEO: Ken Nosker
San Antonio, Texas

Key Takeaways

  • Fulcrum started out as a biometrics consultancy but over tim...

Company History

Founded in 2002 as a biometrics consultancy for companies...

Technology Summary

Fulcrum Biometrics offers a range of services and product...

Product/Service Offerings

Products and solutions offered by Fulcrum Biometrics incl...

Strategy and Target Markets

Fulcrum offers a wide range of products and services to a...

Competitive Positioning and Value Proposition

Fulcrum does not market or prefer a single biometric moda...

Key Competitors

  • Direct Competitors: Fujitsu, H...
  • Indirect Competitors: Pindrop...

Key Relationships

Neurotechnology supplies Fulcrum with voice biometrics technology. Other partnerships include: Futronic (fingerprint technology), NEXT Biometrics Group (fingerprint technology), Digital Persona (optical biometric scanners), Integrated Biometrics (patented fingerprint technology), Credence ID (multimodal biometrics), Fujitsu (palm vein technology), SecuGen (optical fingerprint biometrics), Suprema (fingerprint), Dermalog (biometric hardware and software), Lumidigm, Identification International (fingerprint), Secure Planet, Biometrika, Zvetco Biometrics, Triad Biometrics, and Iritech (iris scanning technology).

Capital Structure

Fulcrum Biometrics won a $300,000 Phase II Grant from the...

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August 25, 2015