Privately held information technology and financial data services provider

Company Details

Number of Employees: 15,000
Annual Revenue: $8.3 billion (2013)
Year Founded: 1981
Ownership: Private
CEO: Michael Bloomberg
New York, New York

Key Takeaways

  • Bloomberg L.P. is a privately held information technology an...

Company History

Founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg and associates, Bloo...

Technology Summary

Bloomberg employs a diverse collection of hardware and so...

Product/Service Offerings

Bloomberg offers a wide variety of information technology...

Strategy and Target Markets

Bloomberg primarily focuses on the financial services, in...

Competitive Positioning and Value Proposition

Bloomberg differentiates itself in the information techno...

Key Competitors

  • Direct Competitors: Dow Jones,...

Key Relationships

Bloomberg has an extensive list of enterprise partners, including: Advent Software Inc., Algorithmica, AQMetrics, Arbor Financial Systems, Arcontech, ASPOne, Asset Control International, Athena Systems, Barra, Citigroup, Deltix, Digiterre, Enfusion, Fidessa LatentZero, Flextrade Systems, FX Software, Global Consulting Partners, Indata, Inforeach, LiveRisk, MathWorks, Murex, Planatir Technologies, RiskVal Financial Solution, Streambase System, Tbricks, TPG Software, TradingScreen, and Wolfram Research Inc., among many others.

Capital Structure

Bloomberg generated $8.3 billion (2013) in revenue. The c...

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September 3, 2015