Analyst Commentary: Customer service virtual digital assistants thrive in pandemic

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Publication Date: 3Q 2020
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Demand arising from the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be spurring market adoption of customer service virtual digital assistants (VDAs). Omdia spoke with vendors in June 2020 about their activity level and momentum. Vendors are seeing increased business—especially from customers with which they already do business. COVID-19 is putting pressure on contact centers, which have had to reduce or shut down on-premises work to shift to work-from-home scenarios. Companies with VDA/automation are experiencing significantly less disruption. There is also a strong trend toward the creation of COVID-19-specific VDAs. The pandemic is urgently reinforcing the need and momentum for digital transformation and automation. VDAs are proving to be well-suited to help companies be flexible and resilient.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • Why are virtual digital assistants (VDAs) in demand during the pandemic?
  • What types of companies are taking advantage of these solutions?
  • Are the strategies revealed in this analysis good moves in the long term?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Customer care organizations
  • Customer service solutions providers
  • Brands
  • Internet service providers
  • AI developers
  • Investor community

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Omdia view
Market landscape
– LivePerson
– Artificial Solutions
– Nuance
– Creative Virtual