Tractica Launches Wearable Devices Advisory Service

Today Tractica announced the launch of its new Wearable Devices Advisory Service, a subscription-based market research and analysis suite that provides independent and objective market intelligence and strategy insights for companies engaged in the rapidly evolving wearable devices industry ecosystem.  As part of the service, Tractica’s global team of industry analysts covers trends and growth scenarios for wearables and their use cases, enabling technologies, and market dynamics.

“The wearable devices market holds the potential to usher in a new wave of mobile computing for consumers and business users alike,” says research director Aditya Kaul.  “The market is moving beyond the early adopter stage, in which fitness trackers have dominated, and toward a more diversified mix of devices that will include not only smart watches but a variety of other connected tools to suit a variety of different use cases and applications.”

As part of its Wearable Devices service, Tractica’s industry analysts offer timely and actionable market insights, covering specific technology and business sectors.  Research reports include an in-depth examination of business models, technology issues, the competitive landscape, and market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting for various device categories and application markets.

Device categories included in the advisory service include: body sensors, fitness trackers, smart clothing, smart glasses, smart watches, and wearable cameras.  Application markets covered include consumer, enterprise, industrial, public safety, healthcare, and sports.

Tractica’s Wearable Devices Advisory Service covers hardware, software, and services in the rapidly-emerging market for connected wearables.  The wearables value chain is examined in depth including detailed analysis of supply-side and demand-side factors, from semiconductors and components to the dynamics of end-user demand.  The service includes access to 12 of the firm’s research reports per year, in addition to unlimited Analyst Inquiry access, quarterly conference calls, and a full-day onsite strategic advisory session.  Executive Summaries and further information about the Advisory Service are available for free download on Tractica’s website.

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