Webinar: Considerations, Challenges and Opportunities with AI Enterprise Platforms

July 24, 2019

Enterprise adoption of AI has grown 270% over the past four years. The AI development tools market for enterprises is diverse and can be segmented according to the skills required by the user: running along a spectrum of needing a PhD in neural networks to being a business domain expert with no machine learning (ML) skills. In this free 30-minute webinar, we look at the AI enterprise options available and what type of tools enterprise users should consider. In choosing a platform, organisations have to assess whether they require a tool that also includes the capability to manage the data science and ML development process or opt for a specialised lifecycle tool.

Enterprises should also examine their capabilities:

  • review the level of AI/data science maturity within the organisation and the skillsets it has access to, both internally and externally
  • assess the supporting infrastructure such as AI hardware accelerators, use of distributed systems and the cloud and
  • understand where the AI applications are running: on the edge, cloud, data centre etc and associated power considerations.

Who should attend?

This webinar is for project managers, business analysts, data scientists, CIOs and anyone who is looking to formulate an enterprise AI strategy, whether you are just starting, need help benchmarking your journey or if you are already taking steps to progress with AI.

About the author

Michael Azoff is a distinguished analyst in Ovum’s IT Infrastructure Solutions team, leading a range of software development and lifecycle management research initiatives. He covers artificial intelligence including machine learning, AI hardware accelerators and the machine-learning application lifecycle. He previously worked for the UK government at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and has written a book on neural networks. A regular conference keynote speaker and panellist, Michael holds a PhD from University of Sheffield in the field of solid state electronics and has been an analyst since 2003.

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