Telecom Artificial Intelligence Use Cases in Africa

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Pages: 11
Tables, Charts, Figures: 3
Release Date: 3Q 2018


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The telecommunications industry is a capital-intensive business with high fixed costs, which puts pressure on communications service providers (CSPs) to control variable costs, particularly human capital. While this has always been an issue, it has gotten worse recently. Threatened by fast and highly-efficient web-scale companies, CSPs are straining under the challenge posed by digital transformation.

It is an industry ripe for artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions, with their promise of lowering costs and boosting efficiencies through automation. Many telecom operators have begun to experiment and deploy AI-driven solutions in both customer-facing and internal organizations. Tractica has identified seven key telecom AI use cases: network operations monitoring and management, predictive maintenance, fraud mitigation, cybersecurity, customer service and marketing virtual digital assistants (VDAs), intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and customer experience management (CEM). This white paper provides details about these telecom AI use cases in Africa.

This Tractica white paper explores the market issues around these seven use cases and their potential in Africa. These trends draw from ongoing research and analysis that form part of Tractica’s User Interface Technologies and Artificial Intelligence advisory services. The white paper is published in partnership with AfricaCom, which is being held November 13-15, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • What are the key trends in the evolution of AI-driven telecom use cases globally and for Africa?
  • When will AI-driven solutions for telecom use cases materialize in Africa?
  • What is the forecasted spend for AI-driven telecom solutions in Africa between 2018 and 2025?
  • How is the telecom AI market ecosystem exploring use cases like virtual digital assistants, fraud mitigation, network management, and customer experience?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Telecommunications professionals in Africa
  • Communications service providers
  • Telecommunications equipment vendors
  • BSS/OSS solution providers
  • Artificial intelligence companies
  • Systems integration and consulting firms
  • Industry organizations
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Market Drivers
    1. Communications Service Providers Reinvent Themselves as Digital Service Providers
    2. Complexity of Service Offerings Requires Automation
    3. The Promise of Autonomous Networks
  3. Market Barriers
    1. Digital Transformation Is Slow
    2. Lack of Consistent Power
  4. Current Market Overview
  5. Use Cases
    1. Network Operations Monitoring and Management
    2. Predictive Maintenance
    3. Fraud Mitigation
    4. Cybersecurity
    5. Customer Service and Marketing Virtual Digital Assistants
    6. Intelligent Customer Relationship Management Systems
    7. Improve Customer Experience Management
  6. Conclusions
  7. Additional Reading
  8. About AfricaCom

List of Charts and Figures

  • Telecom AI Software Revenue by Use Case, Africa: 2018-2025
  • A Vision for a 5G Autonomous Network
  • Verizon Chatbot, Powered by Creative Virtual