Connecting the Dots: Key Strategic Opportunities in a Post-COVID-19 World

White Paper Details

Pages: 29
Tables, Charts, Figures: 12
Release Date: 2Q 2020


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COVID-19 has already advanced the progress of several tech megatrends in an extremely short period of time. Understanding which technologies and services will underpin the post-pandemic digital economy will be critical to success. The notion that consumers and enterprises will conduct a growing amount of their lives and businesses online is nothing new. At a macro level, it’s a change that’s been happening gradually over nearly 40 years, however rapid the pace of change has felt on a personal or professional level. The scale and scope of COVID-19 is changing that pace. With more people necessarily relying on technology to work, shop, and socialize than ever before, the move to next-generation technologies, services, and strategies is accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

This report assesses the global post-COVID-19 landscape across telecoms and tech sectors and connects the dots across consumer, enterprise, industrial, device, component, and service provider markets.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • How will capex patterns change due to the pandemic, and where will new opportunities arise?
  • How will COVID-19 change how physical and digital security is deployed and used?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Semiconductor manufacturers
  • Device manufacturers
  • Government agencies
  • Telecom infrastructure providers
  • Service providers
  • Cybersecurity specialists
  • Investor community
  • Enterprise IT Professionals/CTOs

Table of Contents

  1. COVID-19’s lasting legacy for tech
  2. Five key trends will cut across technology sectors during and after the pandemic
  3. Challenges to device sales will be offset by rapidly growing demand for digital services
  4. Explosive demand for digital services drives investment in next-gen technologies
  5. Supply chain: Short-term and long-term outlook
  6. Telecoms infrastructure, remote monitoring, and healthcare defy the COVID-19 downturn
  7. Capex set for mild rebound in 2021 as tech market adjusts to the new normal
  8. Capital expenditures: Short-term and long-term outlook
  9. COVID-19 will trigger a rethink of technology as critical infrastructure
  10. Convergence, webscale networks, and green 5G take center stage
  11. Tech as critical infrastructure: Short-term and long-term outlook
  12. Video will be key for entertainment, communication, automation, and security
  13. COVID-19 will change how physical and digital security is deployed and used

List of Charts and Figures

  • COVID-19’s greatest impact on tech will be a more comprehensive shift to digital technologies and services
  • COVID-19’s greatest impact on tech will be a more comprehensive shift to digital
  • Global, smartphone shipments by air standard, 2019–23
  • Global, server shipments by type, 2016–24
  • Global, clinical care markets revenue and growth, 2019–20
  • Global, yearly change in machinery production (MP) and industrial automation equipment (IAE) revenue, 2008–23
  • Global, cumulative number of telecoms policy announcements related to COVID-19
  • Global, share of converged/non-converged networks at commercial-bundling level, 2019
  • Global, video-based internet traffic by type and lockdown scenario, 2020 and 2021
  • Global, installed base of vision-AI-capable devices by capability level, 2017–25
  • Global, yearly growth of cybersecurity appliance and SaaS revenue, 2020–24
  • Rating factors in the decision to deploy hosted/SaaS solutions for security