Video eyewear and smart glasses provider

Company Details

Ticker Symbol: NASDAQ: VUZI
Number of Employees: 29 (2013)
Annual Revenue: $2.39 million (2013)
Year Founded: 1997
Ownership: Public
CEO: Paul Travers
Rochester, New York

Key Takeaways

  • The company is a leading supplier of video eyewear and smart...

Company History

Founded in 1997, Vuzix is a leader in video eyewear and s...

Technology Summary

The company produces augmented and virtual reality system...

Product/Service Offerings

Vuzix offers a range of products, including: IWear 720 vi...

Strategy and Target Markets

Primary markets served by Vuzix include consumer electron...

Competitive Positioning and Value Proposition

The company remains competitive by actively generating pa...

Key Competitors

  • Direct Competitors: Carl Zeiss...

Key Relationships

Vuzix’s strategic and technology partnerships include: Metaio, Pristine, ArcSoft, Augmate, SAP, Ubimax, Wikitude, Smilog, Layar, Sita, VisionSmarts, MutualMobile, Itizzimo, Lenovo, NS Solutions, AsukaLab, IT Access, Brilliant Service, Rochester Optical, Cybernet, Trust Technology, Headapp, Docomo, Invata, On the Go Platforms, and Third Eye Health.

Capital Structure

As of early 2015, the company had a market capitalization...

Notable News and Announcements

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August 25, 2015