Biometrics identity management provider

Company Details

Website: www.m2sys.com
Year Founded: 2001
Ownership: Private
CEO: Michael Trader
Atlanta, Georgia

Key Takeaways

  • M2SYS focuses on providing identity management solutions tha...

Company History

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in 2001, M2...

Technology Summary

M2SYS primarily focuses on fingerprint software and hardw...

Product/Service Offerings

Key products offered include: Bio-Plugin, Bio-SnapOn, Hyb...

Strategy and Target Markets

Primary markets include: government, public safety, workf...

Competitive Positioning and Value Proposition

M2SYS differentiates itself by actively participating in ...

Key Competitors

  • Direct Competitors: VoiceVault...
  • Indirect Competitors: Pindrop, D...

Key Relationships

Important partnerships include: Fujitsu, KRONOS, and Hitachi.

Notable News and Announcements

Company Profile Last Updated

August 24, 2015