Elliptic Labs

Software development company focused gesture recognition technology

Company Details

Year Founded: 2006
Ownership: Private
CEO: Laila Danielsen
Oslo, Norway

Key Takeaways

  • Elliptic Labs is a software development company focused on g...

Company History

Founded in 2006, Elliptic Labs is a privately held compan...

Technology Summary

“Elliptic Labs delivers robust, high-resolution touchle...

Product/Service Offerings

Elliptic Labs is primarily focused on software solutions ...

Strategy and Target Markets

Elliptic Labs focuses almost exclusively on the consumer ...

Competitive Positioning and Value Proposition

Elliptic Labs differentiates itself within the gesture re...

Key Competitors

  • Direct Competitors: GestureTek...

Key Relationships

Elliptic Labs works with a variety of OEMs to refine their algorithms and software architecture.

Notable News and Announcements

Company Profile Last Updated

August 26, 2015