Tractica Launches Digital Health Advisory Service

Today Tractica announced the launch of its new Digital Health Advisory Service, a subscription-based market research and analysis resource that provides independent and objective strategy insights and actionable market intelligence for organizations engaged in the rapidly evolving digital health industry.  As part of the service, Tractica’s global team of industry analysts covers technology trends and market growth dynamics for the digital health sector, along with an assessment of the competitive landscape and end-user demand characteristics.

“Information and communication technologies will have a transformative effect on the entire healthcare ecosystem in the years ahead,” says principal analyst Charul Vyas.  “Healthcare providers and payers have significant motivation to improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of delivering care, and there are numerous technology hardware, software, and service offerings that are vying to meet that market demand.  It is an exciting time from an innovation perspective, but now more than ever there is a clear need for objective market analysis to help industry stakeholders sort out the reality from the hype.”

Research reports within Tractica’s Digital Health Advisory Service include an in-depth examination of market drivers and barriers, business models, industry case studies and best practices, technology issues, the competitive landscape, and market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting for various device categories and application markets.

Major topics analyzed within the advisory service include mobile health, home health technologies, healthcare information systems and data analytics, wearable devices for health and fitness, and the application of artificial intelligence and robotics to the healthcare industry.

Tractica’s Digital Health Advisory Service examines technologies, business models, and industry dynamics surrounding the burgeoning market for connected healthcare.  The service includes access to 10 of the firm’s research reports per year, in addition to unlimited analyst inquiry access, quarterly conference calls, and a full-day onsite strategic advisory session.  Executive Summaries and further information about the Advisory Service are available for free download on Tractica’s website.

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