Tractica Launches Biometrics Advisory Service

Today Tractica announced the launch of its new Biometrics Advisory Service, a subscription-based market research and analysis tool that provides strategy insights and market data for companies engaged in the rapidly-developing biometrics sector.  As part of the service, Tractica’s global team of industry analysts covers market trends and opportunities surrounding biometric modalities, enabling technologies, hardware devices, and software and services across dozens of use cases that span consumer, enterprise, and government applications.

“The biometrics market is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, driven largely by advances in mobile computing power and the increased availability and lower cost of robust sensor technology,” says principal analyst Bob Lockhart.  “While technology is an important enabler, however, use cases define the biometrics market opportunity.  As part of our analysis, Tractica has identified and classified 142 distinct use cases for biometrics, each of which has its own profile with regard to business function, industry, and modality.”

Biometric modalities examined within the advisory service include fingerprint recognition, voice/speech recognition, facial recognition and thermography, iris scanning, retina scanning, eye white recognition, vein recognition, electrocardiogram recognition, and DNA recognition, among others.  Tractica’s research includes a focus on both mobile and stationary technology solutions for biometrics.

Tractica’s Biometrics Advisory Service includes timely and actionable market insights, covering specific technology and business sectors.  Research reports include a comprehensive analysis of market drivers and challenges, technology issues, and key industry participants for each biometric modality and application market.  The service also includes in-depth market sizing and forecasting for unit shipments and revenue, segmented by modality, technology, use case, industry sector, and world region.  The service provides clients with access to 8 of the firm’s research reports per year, in addition to unlimited analyst inquiry access, quarterly conference calls, and a full-day onsite strategic advisory session.  Executive Summaries and further information about the Advisory Service are available for free download on Tractica’s website.

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