Deep Learning is Emerging as an Important Enabling Technology for Computer Vision Applications

New White Paper Examines Six Deep Learning-Enabled Vision Applications in Digital Media, Healthcare, Agriculture, Retail, Manufacturing, and Other Industries

The enterprise applications for deep learning have only scratched the surface of their potential applicability and use cases, according to a new white paper published by market intelligence firm Tractica.  Because it is data agnostic, deep learning is poised to be used in almost every enterprise vertical market, including agriculture, media, manufacturing, medical, healthcare, and retail, to name a few.  Deep learning is particularly applicable to computer vision systems because it promises to be less costly, more accurate, and more reliable than traditional programming approaches.

Tractica’s white paper, which is published in partnership with the Embedded Vision Alliance, host of the upcoming Embedded Vision Summit, includes an examination of six deep-learning enabled use cases in various industry verticals, and is available for free download on the firm’s website.

“Some of the most successful companies in the world have been early adopters of deep learning for computer vision applications,” says principal analyst Bruce Daley.  “Although the enterprise market for deep learning is still small in relation to the total enterprise software sector, the variety, breadth, and scope of the applications that deep learning is being considered for suggests that a tremendous growth opportunity exists.”

Deep learning use cases featured in the white paper include static image recognition, classification, and tagging, digital radiology analysis, agricultural crop health analysis, clinical trial medication compliance, clothes and accessories sizing and fitting, and industrial automation quality assurance.

Tractica’s white paper, “Deep Learning Use Cases for Computer Vision”, covers the market for computer vision and deep learning technologies, providing real world use cases of how they are being used in various industry verticals.  The verticals covered include agriculture, media, manufacturing, medical, healthcare, and retail.  This white paper is published in partnership with the Embedded Vision Alliance, host of the Embedded Vision Summit, which is being held May 2-4, 2016 in Santa Clara, California.  A full copy of the white paper is available for free download on Tractica’s website.

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