Emerging and Disruptive Technologies: At Work and Home

December 5-6, 2018
London, United Kingdom

In this conference UNICOM sets out the perspective of how technology is impacting the societal aspects of (i) the individual and (ii) the markets of large enterprises. Domain specialists provide examples of a number of use cases and cover health care, telecoms, IoT, smart cities as well as government policy making. Subject experts/leaders will consider/debate what are the implications of these impending changes and evolutions.

A special feature is an invited session on Quantum Computing and its impact on finance and cybersecurity:
-Neuromorphic Chips and Quantum Computers: New computing paradigms by Peter Waggett, Director of Research, IBM UK
-A Quantum of Safety: Quantum Computing and the Reinvention of Security by Mike Brown, ISARA Corporation

  • Hear from a variety of inspirational speakers pushing the boundaries in artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity
  • Find out answers to questions such as “Do AI & ML lead to better jobs and improved quality of life?”
  • Find out the impact of Quantum Computing on the Financial and Cybersecurity sectors
  • Hear from corporates leading the way in Alternative Data
  • Be part of a community that benefits from the interaction with experts and the opportunity to share learning with their peers

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