Edge AI Summit 2019

November 20-21, 2019
Mountain View, California

Limitations of cloud-based AI, such as latency, power consumption, security and cost, have become bottlenecks for the deployment of AI products and services in environments close to data sources. The Edge AI Summit taking place in Silicon Valley focuses on the challenges of disaggregating AI processing across the edge computing paradigm, from cloud to device via localized ‘fog’ compute nodes near the network edge. The Edge AI Summit attracted 150+ technology leaders from across the globe in December 2018, and returns this November for tech companies, device manufacturers and enterprises who are deploying machine learning to the edge.

Themes for this year’s summit focus on challenges such as embedding tiny machine learning models on battery-powered devices, using AI for network slicing, applying machine learning to streaming data, and deploying cohesive infrastructure to empower developers to build AI software for the edge.


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