AI in Payments & Fraud Risk Management Summit

November 18, 2020
New York, New York

AI and machine learning is quickly becoming a valuable tool for payments companies and financial institutions to reduce fraud in all environments, but particularly in securing e-commerce transactions. Through machine learning algorithms, payments companies can analyze more data in new and innovative ways to identify fraudulent activity. With AI and ML, payments companies can search rapidly and efficiently through this data beyond the standard set of factors like time, velocity and amount.

The payment industry is on the cusp of reforms and players are eager to implement AI for efficient payment processing. This event focuses on the use of AI in payments and looks at not only the pros of AI but also it’s cons and discusses how banks can counter frauds through the use of AI. This unique event will be jointly represented by 20 leading speakers and it aims to gather about 150+ qualified attendees (mostly from banks, regulators, merchants, corporates and innovative FinTech companies) who are looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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