A Practical Guide to AI in Marketing: One Day Workshop

June 11, 2019
London, United Kingdom

Understanding the reality of AI in marketing and how to prepare for it

Despite talk of AI’s ability to generate useful insights and improve overall marketing efficiency, there are many questions being asked. What can we realistically expect from AI? How can we prove its value? What challenges accompany its deployment and how do we overcome these? Through a mixture of presentations, demonstrations and practical exercises, this workshop will see consultant on AI and digital transformation, Katie King, shine light on these questions to help delegates understand the reality of AI as applied to marketing and how to prepare for its adoption.

Attend this workshop to be able to:

  • Realise the capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence
  • Understand how you should evaluate and incorporate AI into your organization
  • Comprehend how to plan for the future of artificial intelligence
  • Recognise key challenges affecting adoption and how to tackle these
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