Market Sizing & Forecasting

Market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting is an integral component of the research and analysis conducted by Omdia | Tractica’s team of industry analysts, both within the firm’s syndicated research reports as well as in custom research engagements. This quantitative analysis provides clients with key inputs into their business planning initiatives including business case development, market opportunity assessment, market entry strategy, market segment prioritization, production planning, and financial analysis, among other areas. In cases where the client has a unique set of market definitions, objectives, or parameters, Omdia | Tractica provides customized market models that are tailored to those specific needs.

Omdia | Tractica’s analysts utilize rigorous research methodologies to support the creation of detailed market models, the basis of which is current market sizing in terms of unit shipments, unit sales, active users, installed capacity, attach rates, penetration rates, average selling prices, revenue, and any other metrics relevant to the topic at hand. The market may in turn be segmented by technology, geography (at the world region, country, or local levels), end-use application, vertical market, or other applicable segmentation approaches. Omdia | Tractica then provides clients with forecasts for the growth of those market segments over a specified time period, together with an analysis of key factors influencing market development and the timing and nature of future market transitions. The firm’s market sizing and forecasting frequently includes the presentation of multiple forecast scenarios, including an assessment of the probability and key assumptions for each scenario.

Key applications:

  • Business Case Development
  • Custom Data Analytics
  • Custom Market Forecasts
  • Custom Market Segmentation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Forecast Scenario Analysis
  • Forecast Scenario Analysis
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Market Simulations
  • Production Planning