Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Omdia | Tractica provides clients with detailed customer profiling services to support a variety of sales and marketing initiatives. These engagements utilize both primary and secondary market research techniques to help clients better understand the characteristics, attitudes, behavior, and motivations of existing and prospective customers alike, including both consumers and business users. Omdia | Tractica’s profiling and segmentation projects provide a tangible return on investment by improving the effectiveness of product design, pricing strategy, brand positioning, communications strategy, marketing campaigns, customer support, customer retention, and sales initiatives.

Key applications:

  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Customer Priorities and Motivations
  • Customer Profiles and Attributes
  • Demographic Segmentation
  • Marketing Campaign Optimization
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Psychographic Segmentation
  • Sales Channel Optimization
  • Target Market Identification