Consumer and Business User Surveys

Omdia | Tractica conducts in-depth surveys of consumers and business users in an effort to help clients understand the dynamics of end-user demand for emerging technology products and services. The methodology for each survey is designed based on clients’ objectives, which are discussed in detail during the proposal stage.

Surveys may be either quantitative or qualitative in nature and may be conducted via web, phone, or in person. For quantitative surveys, respondent samples are carefully selected to ensure that they provide the most accurate possible view of demand dynamics within the target respondent group. In some cases, such samples utilize balanced and representative samples for the total population being studied and, in cases where the research objectives require a more targeted group of respondents, careful screening and qualification criteria are applied. As appropriate, Omdia | Tractica’s analysts utilize statistical analysis techniques to provide further insights into respondents’ characteristics and motivations. Qualitative research approaches are typically used to gain clarity on more subjective business questions and may be leveraged either for representative samples or respondents within highly specialized groups of target respondents ranging from consumers to business end-users to industry executives.

Key applications:

  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Brand or Product Awareness and Perceptions
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Segmentation and Profiling
  • Demographic and Psychographic Profiling
  • End-User Attitudes and Perceptions
  • Price Elasticity of Demand
  • Product or Service Usage Patterns
  • Purchase History, Intent, and Priorities
  • Voice of Customer Studies
  • Willingness to Pay